Tuesday, 20 October 2009

2oth. October 2009

Have been busy sending begging letters out to local companies to try to get funding support. Had an interview with the Anglesey Head of Life long learning who has promised me £750. He also advised me to apply to Your Heritage Lottery Funding as I had an excellent chance of support. Downloaded their application form - 24 pages! I have also got to send three quotes and six letters which explain why they support my project. Lots of work to do therefore!

Received a CD in the post today from Graham and Pauline Wright with all the pictures they had taken of the two day dive event by Llyn Cerrig Bach last month. Here are two of them.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

23rd September 2009

Following a most interesting day spent with the divers at the lake on Tuesday, I went back again on Wednesday to observe them.

According to the graph, that they had produced from the previous day's soundings, they dropped three marker bouys in the water. They dived to these. Nothing was found at the first two but a length of very bent metal was retrieved from the third point. To me it did not look similar to the 2,000 yr.old ones I had handled but it was highly encrusted though. They would be taking it to Liverpool to be examined , cleaned and catalogued. Jay Usher, the leader was adamant that anything they found would be returned to Anglesey.

22nd September 2009

Spent a most interesting day with the divers at the lake today. They did a sonic graph of the lake by going backwards and forwards in a dingy across the lake in order to produce a graph showing any soundings.

Had a picture tken with the group.

Fund Raising

I am trying to raise funds in order to produce replicas of six of the most significant artefacts from Llyn Cerrig Bach. This is because their history is now included in the schools national curriculum. Because I have first hand experience of having handled most of the artefacts with my father, I am called upon frequently to give presentations in schools. I am also invited to give talks to various societies. Due to this the idea came to me to do this project.

21st September 2009

Have been involved with the older children at Ysgol y Tywyn, Llanfihangel- yn Nhowyn, ( next to RAF Valley where Llyn Cerrig Bach is sited ). As usual, Oriel Ynys Môn kindly lent me the replica of one of the gang chains. This was produced by The National Museum in Cardiff about 20 years ago. It is very heavy indeed and I have to wheel it in a box on a trolley. It is well worth it though, as it turns out to be the highlight of my visit when the children are allowed to handle it.

Each child produced an excellent project book on the story of Llyn Cerrig Bach and also paper mache models of their favourite artefact. It is a shame that Anglesey School children can't have more replicas of their heritage to handle.

Eflyn Owen Jones

Hello viewers,

I am Eflyn, the daughter of William Owen Roberts, the finder of Llyn Cerrig Bach artefacts on RAF airfield, Anglesey in 1943.

To view the whole story, you will need to access my website http://www.llyncerrigbach.co.uk/
As you can see, I'm just getting the hang of this blogging world, so you will need to view my first entries according to the title dates. Thanks.