Thursday, 15 August 2013

July - mid August.

Last year was a wonderful one for me - the exhibition at Oriel Môn, the publishing of Llyn Cerrig Bach book and the production of a handling collection of some of the main artefacts

Needing a new project to keep me going this year, I have been approaching various organisations hoping to have interpretation boards placed near to Llyn Cerrig Bach site. I therefore arranged a meeting recently with Neil Johnston of Menter Môn, since I'd discussed the idea with him from time to time. Neil suggested I should try and organise a meeting between Menter Môn and Marion Blockley from CADW Government Welsh Heritage. I was very pleased to understand that Marion had a project already in mind regarding planning to have co-ordinating interpretation boards, not only at Llyn Cerrig Bach, but also at Barclodiad y Gawres, Bryn Celli Ddu and Din Lligwy. Since I would also like such an info.board on the RAF Spotter's Car Park which I reviewed in my previous blog,  Neil suggested that I should contact RAF base for their permission on this. It was great to know that they have at least 30,000 visitors a year!  They come from all kinds of destinations and include many families with children.

The RAF personnel officer Rob Pitt, had been posted away since over three months, so I wasn't sure how I would get this. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself speaking to the newly appointed Media and Communication Officer, Dave Williams. Another plus was, as a Welshman, he already knew about the LLyn Cerrig Bach discovery!.  Dave agreed  meet up with our group on site for a discussion. After a lot of emailing had gone backwards and forwards between myself and the others, we finally met on August 8th. Needless to say, we had a lovely morning together by the lake in the sunshine and afterwards at the  Spotters Car Park. We all agreed that to have an interpretation board in both locations would be the ideal. For this though, I had to get Anglesey County Council's agreement to improve the visibility on both sides of the entrance to Llyn Cerrig Bach.

Marion Blockley had brought a very nice couple with her, John and Freya Swogger. They are both archaeologists but also John is a renowned illustrator. He showed me the draft of a comic he is compiling based on the story  of how my father initially discovered the artefacts in Llyn Cerrig Bach. I felt very honoured that he’d also included a small piece about my involvement as a child and also my work in the community. Rather a strange feeling being a character in a comic, but having taught young children for almost forty years, I like it very much! He is also designing similar ones for the other three co-
ordinated sites.

John Swogger, myself and RAF Valley MCO. Dave Williams.
After a leisurely lunch at my house with husband Alan, we all then made our way to Cable Bay, bathed again in beautiful sunshine.  As we walked along the headland, the view across towards Snowdonia and the Eilf mountain ranges was magnificent. No wonder Prince William said in his speech at the Anglesey Show this week that Anglesey views are the most stunning in the British Isles! He and Kate have lived undisturbed around the corner from this bay for the last three years. During this time, William has been based at  RAF Valley as a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot.
Marion had pre-booked for us to borrow the entrance key for Barclodiad y Gawres' inner chamber from my local corner shop (Wayside Stores 01407 810153 ). Sadly, it has to be locked due to modern vandalised inscriptions.
I never tire studying and listening to various interpretations about the inscriptions on the stones. Marion has since emailed to me excellent images of the two stones, one of which you see here.

 Later that week, I was able to arrange a site visit with the Chairman of Anglesey County Council, Cllr. Gwilym O. Jones, who is also the local councillor for this area.

He agreed with me that the verges  on each side of the entrance needed to be cut right back for traffic safety. The following day, following Gwilym's request, the Chief Highways Engineer of Anglesey County Council, Colin Edwards, phoned me. He agreed work needs to be done here to improve the safety of the entrance. I’m looking forward immensely to meeting Colin on site during next week, as I was his infant teacher over 50 years ago! Another photo opportunity with a handsome gentleman hopefully!
In September, there’s another meeting I’m looking forward, namely  welcoming Earl Livings, a professor from Australia who came across my Llyn Cerrig Bach blog. I wish he had time to show me how to do an impressive blogsite like his. (However, I’m pleased that I’ve now almost hit the 10,000 views mark at - 9,417). Earl is coming to a conference in Oxford and then coming to North Wales for a few days. He has even learnt to speak North Walian Welsh in Australia!  Dare I say - what a challenge to others who reside here to equal!
 Another project I’ve been involved in this year which has come to fruition  this month is our website - Anglesey a Bridge Through Time.  A group of us had been working together on it for over a year under the excellent leadership of Susanne Skubik Intriligator, an American PhD reasercher in Digital Media  at Bangor University.  It has been launched by Anglesey County Council on their stand at the Royal Welsh Show. It’s an interactive site and each of us is responsible for replying to comments or queries pertaining to our individual sites. i.e. yours truly for Llyn Cerrig Bach of course!  I’m sure you’ll agree that it will be an asset in informing everyone who has an interest in the history of our island.  I hope in time, that perhaps we can have a QR placed on the interpretation boards to make it available as an app. on site  – another exciting adventure into the new technology for me!
Hope you enjoy perusing them -