Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Another lapse of entry! This is due to the fact that lucky me has been with Alan, my husband, on a three week Classical Music Festival cruise along the Med.and the Adriatic. Richard Baker introduced all the concerts and surprisingly to all, sang and played the piano. He had a wonderful sense of humour. We were blessed with lovely sunshine every day and also to spend two full days in Venice.

I noticed in the Daily Post that the hologram which I knew was being produced, has been completed and on display at Llangollen Museum. It is a travelling exhibition and will make its way Oriel Môn in due course.

The imaging technique was developed by Professor Hans Bjelkhagan of Glyndwr University in Wrexham. Prof Bjelkhagan has been working on the new technique for
15 years and said Wales was the first country in the world to use this technology.
He states - "We freeze the light as it comes from the object, so we actually capture the light coming from the object which can then regenerate the object as if it was still there”. The technique uses three lasers, in red, blue and green, which are then combined into one white light.